CAMPAIGN: Wildlife Conservation Society [Final]

Client: Wildlife Conservation Society
Campaign: It's Time We Take a Stand
Concept/Production: Dominic

Print Ad #1

Print Ad #2


CAMPAIGN: Wildlife Conservation Society

Moving onto my thirdddd campaign. I have TONS [beyond tonsss] of interesting ideas on the Wildlife Conservation Society. Much of it will play on human society and the challenges we face.... it'll play well for wildlife.

Working on strategy and ideas now.... can't wait to share my roughs and final print ad with everyone. Now - back to the drawing board.... btw - I'm still working on Incase (Campaign #2) and Sensodyne (#1). Just need to refresh my creative with something new. ::crossing fingers:: I hope to regain it soon for these other two!!


CAMPAIGN: Incase [Final #02]

I'm loving each new creation. Here is 2 of 3 of the new Incase campaign. Let me know what you think.

Product: Neoprene Sleeves


CAMPAIGN: Incase [Final #01]

Here is one of the three.... this took me forever. enjoy.



CAMPAIGN: Sensodyne Toothpaste [Redo #03]

Forgot to add #3. Enjoy...... and feedback is lovely :]

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