Year Zoooooms!

Happy WEEKEND - this year is zooming by!
Already the end of August and only a few more months of 2009....

Had a nice and HOT week...... we have record heat this month.
This week has hit 100+ degrees almost everyday! Eeeeeeek. What am I in AZ? (I kid)

First week of school also started this week and I LOVE IT. My teachers are overall good and I love having one full day for school. :] However, the work load is quite busy already - oh well.

My computer is really hot and it's radiating on me and making me hot too. Enough chat for now.


Ready to Make GREAT Changes

I have had a GREAT summer overall and am still enjoying. I've learned alot about myself and what I want and am still learning ALL I would like in my life.

I have a wonderful friend (you know who you are) that I look forward to growing with. :)
I have a great job that supports my future in school and advertising (yes!)
I have great friends that support me and enjoy/make my days/weeks/etc
I have a loving family that I need to start spending more time with (sorry dad and mom :P)
I have more to look forward to and am still looking for an opportunity for self-growth

Enough of my memoirs (lol) - time for some new business............
I am planning to move to LA. I have been thinking that a move is a great way to begin to help me with achieving my career goals quicker, and build a bigger and better network of friends/partners (ad)/blah blah - to help move things along.

This fall is going to be very busy, but I am excited to keep the trend and look fwd to the change. 2010 is going to be MY year. I am going to thrive in the 10 and achieve 10 GREAT THINGS (literally just decided this). I will come up with these ten goals soooooon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful Hollister mannequin below and the wonderful detail.........

Love is like a Mannequin