it's here.... plus i need your help

happy weekend! i finally have and LOVVVVE my new macbook! :]

the blog adventure is soon to begin. once i have Adobe CS i'll really begin to express my advertising visions.... in the meantime, i need suggestions for my first brand/product to start things off. anyone have ideas??

I wiLL create one in the meantime - throw it at me! :D

have a wonderful day - enjoy the weather! :)

hello - i'm a macbook
where would you like to go?


inspiration finally knocks on the door

....so. it's been coming.... the moment is here. I have FINALLY figured out what I will blog about. I have thought about this long and hard (hee hee diirty). anywho - I thought to myself: dom, what are you pursuing in life? what are your long term goals... careers... everything? since this year is about my growth in EVERYTHING, especially my career, why not blog about it? why not share my creativity with EVERYONE? so, in the last couple of days i've confirmed it. it's finally here. my blog. finally.

dom's blog [[v2.00 recharge]]
advertising in mind.
visions coming very soon.

I will express my creativity in advertising. sounds interesting, right?
if these words are not captivating.... the visuals and interesting words will enthrall/captivate you.
soon [as in this week] I will have a new macbook. this is where my visions will be produced.
like an infant just born, I have so many thoughts flooding my mind.
I need to let them loose. I can't wait to share this with the world [a little much I know].

this is perfect.
think about it.... it's a win/win ALL around.

1. I will select a random company/product to create an ad(s) for.
2. This will be a great way to begin collaborating/putting work together [portfolio].
3. I will need your feedback [need brutal honesty].
3. MOST IMPORTANT: I will be doing what I absolutely <3



ugh.. can't think of what to blog about.

i have ideas...... but none worth to post. i need more time to think....


happy new blog

...and Happy new year. wow. 2010. new decade and a fresh start.

time to begin a new blog adventure and I'm almost complete with what I want to blog and focus on. hang tight [WW] and there'll be more soon. very excited to begin a new journey in so many ways.