2010: New Year. New Blog.

...can't wait! I've decided what I'm dedicating my BLOGGGG to. More to follow.... right before the end of 2009.

Very excited :]

Happy Holidays 2009.


Change to the BLOGGGG

....thinking about doing what should be done on a BLOG; Focus on something....


Year Zoooooms!

Happy WEEKEND - this year is zooming by!
Already the end of August and only a few more months of 2009....

Had a nice and HOT week...... we have record heat this month.
This week has hit 100+ degrees almost everyday! Eeeeeeek. What am I in AZ? (I kid)

First week of school also started this week and I LOVE IT. My teachers are overall good and I love having one full day for school. :] However, the work load is quite busy already - oh well.

My computer is really hot and it's radiating on me and making me hot too. Enough chat for now.


Ready to Make GREAT Changes

I have had a GREAT summer overall and am still enjoying. I've learned alot about myself and what I want and am still learning ALL I would like in my life.

I have a wonderful friend (you know who you are) that I look forward to growing with. :)
I have a great job that supports my future in school and advertising (yes!)
I have great friends that support me and enjoy/make my days/weeks/etc
I have a loving family that I need to start spending more time with (sorry dad and mom :P)
I have more to look forward to and am still looking for an opportunity for self-growth

Enough of my memoirs (lol) - time for some new business............
I am planning to move to LA. I have been thinking that a move is a great way to begin to help me with achieving my career goals quicker, and build a bigger and better network of friends/partners (ad)/blah blah - to help move things along.

This fall is going to be very busy, but I am excited to keep the trend and look fwd to the change. 2010 is going to be MY year. I am going to thrive in the 10 and achieve 10 GREAT THINGS (literally just decided this). I will come up with these ten goals soooooon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful Hollister mannequin below and the wonderful detail.........

Love is like a Mannequin


Feeling Anguish

I am sad (a bit) and not sure why........... had a great weekend with my friends and met some cool people along the way, but am feeling a void. Seeing groups of close friends saddens me. I want this............ enough anguish. Recap of weekend below - again GREAT weekend. Time to come to an E N D and restart the week. Hope it's a good one.

Fri: WEHO (West Hollywood for those that are not into acronyms)
Sat: Shopping and Partying (great combo)
Sun: Malibu with my Neen.



Coming Soon....

I WILL COME BACK SOON! promise.....

in the meantime enjoy a pic. :]



I'm back!

It's been a LOOONG while but I'm here.. I'll write more soon. Miss it here. Need to express :]


Healthy Intern

Today I feel much better :]

No SWINE for me.......... ha. PS - I emailed my cover letter/resume to CREW CREATIVE today for an intern position in Strategic Development. CC is in Venice - far but lovely. Wish me luck!


Are We There Yet?

This week is dragging along - and not in a GREAT way. I wish it was Friday [I wish it was Friday everyday ha] and I wish I could get a full night's rest. I'm sleepy and I'm getting cranky. lol - I hate it when people COMPLAIN on their blogs and I become a part of the trend..... oh well. Maybe I'm getting ill. Hope it's nothing too serious and it will go away after sleeping tonight.

Speaking of becoming ill, I am beginning to wonder about the Swine FLU (cute name). Looks like WHO[World Health Org] just escalated the flu to a PHASE-5 which is one step closer to a worldwide PANDEMIC. The word pandemic FREAKS me out.. I hope that with all of our advancements and technology, we can prevent this from getting worse and be able to contain the virus. Interesting story from CNN about the "Oink Oink Disease" [I know this is nothing to joke about, but I'm trying to look at some positive ha]

Not all complaints/scares however. I have had a pretty good week in the sense that I have netwercked with HR recruiters at a couple of agencies and getting my name/resume/______ out there and have received some replies back - I can taste an internship!



Jungle Fever [Dom's 23rd]


ABSOLUTELY Advertising

So many great things happened today. I went the MAT Program held at Saatchi & Saatchi Ad Agency. This event was SPECTACULAR. It was worth every second going and has benefited me immensely. Let me provide a recap of today's glory:

  • 8:10am PT - Arrived and S&S. Grabbed my water and met a few girls from CSUF, CSUDH, CSUSD and USC (very nice)
  • 8:30am PT - Strategy Director at S&S gave a motivational speech and showed the overall impression companies are looking for
  • 9:00am PT - Two people from TBWA\Chiat\Day came and talked about a new Gatorade campaign that has been recently released (G-Bolt rebrand)
  • 10:00am-12:40pm PT - Three workshops (resume building, interview tips, and network/portfolio reviews [no portfolio.. yet]. These were extremely helpful and engaged everyone to think on their toes
  • 12:45pm PT - NETWORKED for about 30 mins with students, HR recruiters at ad agencies, Art Directors/Copywriters/Directors at ad agencies, and the list goes on
All in all I had a memorable and overall wonderful day. PLUS - the weather was more than perfect. It was in range of 70-75 degrees all day. What else could I ask for? Oh, one thing - AN INTERNSHIP!

I have also learned about another ad agency which I have already began to look into and I LOVE - CREW CREATIVE. Their agency follows the creative development of the movie industry [posters, commercials, trailers, etc, etc....] 

my newest addiction

I am 168% sure that I have made the right choice in my career/industry choice and am focused to learn more on the cre-a-tive side of Advertising. Night.


Moving Forward

I am pumped for the MAT Program this Saturday. This is held and sponsored by Saatchi & Saatchi Ad Agency. Basically, it is a workshop that helps build resumes, cover letters, and begin to create a portfolio. The funny thing is that the agency has stated to bring a sample/smaller version of your portfolio - OOPS! I don't have one yet haha. Hopefully, I'm not belittled because of that. I hope to gain alot of knowledge in the real ad world [[industry]]. Most of all, I will N E T T W E R C K (like the spelling?? ha) with many people in the business and put my face out there.

WISH ME LUCK - wish me fame and fortune.

Only 4 weeks left of school. This semester definitely Z O O M E D by. I met great people and professors. So far, I love my campus. Go CSUF. :]



Euphoric Feeling

Let's cut to the chase - BRITNEY was a m a z i n g last night. The Circus Tour 2009 was a complete success/orgasm/euphoria/everything positive. This is definitely the best concert I have seen to date from anyone. It was worth every cent that I spent on it, and would not have changed a single thing of it. I can call it.. PERFECTION on stage!!

Plus, Franky and I met BRETT - [her] assistant. This counts as meeting someone that directly knows [her] Britney (ha). PCD performed as well and they were very entertaining as well (surprisingly). Her star quality has never gone away and she will always be a L E G E N D in my books.

Britney if you are reading this- kidding I'm not that lame (or am I?).

Dom, Brett and Franky
(Brett = BRITNEY's assistant - close enough right?)

Get Naked

(Take it off, take it off....)


Goal/Dream Body

This is my goal body - I want this by summer 09.
All things are possible

Weights and Waiting

Just got back from a great workout at the gym - working out so late feels great. Went with Franky. Worked on arms, legs and abs. Feeling sore. Feels so GOOD.

BRITNEY concert tonight! So excited and have been waiting for this to happen for over 4 months. All eyes on me I'm the center of the ring........ night!


Life is Wonderful

It's been quite a while, but I'm back! MISS ME?? So much has been happening over the past few weeks and I am quite behind. The most important thing that's happened I must say is that I am really putting full effort with my Ad career.
  1. I sent out my first Intern Resume to an Ad company in Irvine. They are Earthbound Media Group and are primarily online advertising. This sounds like a really exciting opportunity and start getting my feet wet (GET ME DRENCHED!) and I am crossing my fingers and toes that I get in (eek!).
  2. I just sent out a spot for the Advertising Career Development Day at Saatchi&Saatchi LA. This is a workshop that will help build my resume and also help meet those in the AD industry. This is another wonderful opportunity to n e t w o r k and put my name out there and meet new people.... It's time to start building a portfolio!
Other than that - school is over half way done. I am contemplating about taking a summer class since I will be working and [hopefully] be working PT at an internship. We will see. Happy Tuesday/Happy Life!

Meet the new Nina 
(My BEAUTIFUL daughter)


A Sigh of Relief

..So I can feel the stress and burden lift off of my shoulders. MIDTERMS are done! And I feel that I did really well (hooray for me)! Took 2 midterms on the same day so I was stressing (AHHHH!). Well - the stress is over (for now) and it's time for Spring Break. Time to relax - yeah right! It's time now to shift my gears for the week and focus on INTERNSHIPS. This is what I've been waiting for. Cannot wait to get my resume out in the REAL WORLD and begin learning more about my dream industry. My dream career is getting closer and closer.......... until then.


Misery Comes in Pairs

Studying for midterms are a drag. Especially when you have two back to back. This is stress times 100000. Whatever, the bright side of things is that I will be done within 24 hours! WOO HOO!!

Now back to studying....... wish me luck!


Dream Becoming Reality

I had the grandest day ever today in my Ad class. To catch everyone up to speed, I know that I want to pursue a career in the Ad industry (it's a passion of mine); however, I wasn't too sure of which angle of this industry I wanted to get into - Account Managing or Creative. The two are completely different in this field. One are called "suits" and the other are "creatives." After going through our lecture today (Creative Advertising - what it is, how it works, etc.) I have finally decided the path that I want to take in this industry out of the two..... Ready? Hanging on the edge of your seat!? Could it be any more obvious? (ha).........

CREATIVE! I knew that is really what I've wanted to get into, but wasn't too sure of it. I am now very confident this is the right industry (110%), and more importantly, the side of the business for me. I am jumping with JOY right now (wee)! I know I have the edge, passion, and right approach to the creative side of advertising.

I have also had a very productive week - been focusing on studying (midterms - boo) and work has been going well. Okay, I really cannot get off of this "accomplishment" of knowing exactly what it is I want to do. I feel like I've been promoted in the career path world (I know that sounds lame). Thanks for everyone who has been motivating and encouraging me, hearing me out, and all in between. I can taste this. The dream is becoming closer to reality. I AM A CREATIVE! Good day.


Fun Times

Stop Staring
Misery. Texting.

Smiles and Tongues


A Gentle Man

Can you see me?

Happy Friday - this week has flown by (zoooooom). I had a great week; worked out intensely with Franky (thank you for pushing me) at the gym. We have a fitness magazine subscription and use it for our workouts. What was the highlight of my week was one of our workouts that we participated at the gym. The class was full of women (also one guy) and us. This older gentle man that was instructing the class was hilarious - Michael Jackson meets Richard Simmons (scary x100).

It was a pretty good workout - legs mostly. Had more fun with the entertaining voice of this man - very memorable.


Life's a Journey

I was once told that LIFE'S A JOURNEY. Well, that is absolutely true. Life is a challenge, a reoccurring obstacle that may become more challenging with each new level gained. I am wandering in this journey right now. I don't know where I am going to end up yet, if anywhere at all; however, I am an optimist and will keep searching for whatever it is in my journey. I know that one day (hopefully sooner than later) I will have completed my journey. Oh there's more, of course me being complicated, I wouldn't want that journey to end, so more than likely I would find a way to continue that journey or begin a brand new one. I feel like I should save this for my book (ha - that's if I wanted one - would you read my book?).

Work is work. Day after day the work load is consistently busy. I can't complain because it pays the bills and I am in a secure spot. Thank the Payroll Gods.

Introducing ADP
ADP is a Payroll/HR company that provides solutions to clients in these specific areas of need. I work as a Solution Center Consultant and am responsible for some of the biggest names in business. I build rapport and assist my client base with questions regarding Payroll and HR items. I've been with my company for over 4 years now, and started at a pretty young age. I am fortunate to have found a company this secure and this credible to work for and gain experience and knowledge that will be the foundation of my career in Advertising. One may ask, How does Payroll relate at all to Advertising? There are two, possibly three answers to this.
  1. These two have no relation at all in terms of the industry/work
  2. They relate tremendously in terms of the relationship building aspect
  3. ADP contains the letters AD in their name - just like advertising does! (lol)

I work closely with clients and work to build relationships internally and externally. Because I want to get into the Ad Industry, this is a great asset and quality to have since eventually this will be my everyday strategy in my career.. thank you ADP (ha).

I plan to go to San Diego this Saturday with my friend (perhaps more..) Franky and some of his friends that he dances with. It sounds like alot of fun and am anxious to get away for the day. Need to get out the routine (I call it bad habit) and do something new and refreshing.

Hooray for something new - a new journey (have to tie it all together)


What a Week

I have been through alot this week. I don't know where to begin or if I want to begin at all. I'll keep things brief - I am going to be making changes, period. In fact, there will be many coming my way (I'll keep it with coming soon). That's all I want to talk about change for now....

Other the flip side, school went very well this week. I received a quiz back and aced it in my Advertising class! I had a debate in my Ethics and Technology class and did very well (at least I think so). I was pumped this week and am loving my school more and more.

This week has flown by and I cannot wait to relax this weekend. I think I've made plans to hang out with people and I want to keep myself as busy as possible. I'm starting to slack off when it comes to blogging here - I need to increase my efforts to keep my viewers entertained (ha)!
I leave you with random pictures that I find to make me smile. Hope that makes two of us.

My Beloved Nina(h)
(I hate the H in her name)
Guaranteed Great Time - Mabelle and Jason
The Crew
(Top: Mandy Steven Jared Christi Mark
Bottom: Dom Jason)
Ultimate ASS
(...and that would of course be mine ) :P
Award for Best Roomates (duh)


Pop Idol

HAPPY WEEKEND! It's been a busy week. Nothing too exciting or new to tell you. Quick recap of the week:

Mon-Fri: I worked (nothing new)
Thurs: started my new class
Sat (today): took a kickboxing class with friends (kicked my ass - and kick, and punch, now rest....) and finished a group paper due next week
My life sounds really fun, huh? - HA

Getting more and more anxious and more excited each and every day! You ask "why?" - well I have my tickets for something amazing and so should YOU! I cannot wait for this artist to kick major ass with their complete success on this tour. I've heard different song lineups and seeing some of their dance rehearsal photos - I don't care I don't care I don't care... all I care about is seeing them do what they do best on stage - perform their soul out! This is her year.

Yes that's right - Miss Pop Princess (may as well be called reigning Pop Queen) Britney! I'm lucky to have scored great floor tickets. I will have a camera (if I need to hide it I will - ha) - I will spend lots of money on her merch - I will mark this off my "things to do before I die list" (if I had one made).

Tour kickoff: 03/03/09
Countdown to my show: 50 days!

2007 VMAs: I love her anyway
Center of attention...

2008 GMA performance
Coming back lookin' delicious...


Happy Day

HI! Today has been a very good day.

Nothing special happened; however, I had a really nice day and I haven't had one of these in a while. Work went smooth, went to school to add a class and that went smooth, and now I'm home and someone very sweet bought me a gift - a new bag for school! Thank you Franky (there I put your name in my blog - ha).

This week I have school - it's changed. Weds and Thurs class now. Thurs class is at the Irvine Campus - kind of a bummer but not too bad. I have an excuse to go to the Spectrum now and do a little shopping now (oops). Even with our tough economy I'm still trying to forget the troubles by spending away my problems.... .... .. ..

I never thought that Mondays could turn out to be
O K A Y. Because of this good day, I share old pics of another good day in TJ/Rosarito (Mexico).

Meet Ninah - Pro Shot
Ain't no building high enough..Ain't no cerveza low enough
I love TACOS
Rebel in Disguise



This has been one long and short week. Does that make sense? Probably not, but it works. Been pretty busy with work and school. Went to gymnastics on Thursday (second week in a row - woo) and I'm loving it. Great workout and helps with my body conditioning and increase in strength. I'm currently learning how to do a front hand spring and MAN is it difficult to get.
The instructer (very cool man - Russian dude I'll call him VODKA since I'm not sure what his real name is). Anyhow, Vodka was really pushing all of us this week. Let me recap the events of last night at the gym with Vodka:
  • Started with a warm up/stretch workout (normal and going well) - BAM! My right cheek (and not the one on my face) cramps up within the first 10 mins of stretching and is solid like a rock.
  • We start to do tumbles and cartwheels and handstands (oh my) and that is only making things worse.
  • Aside from the pain in my ass (literally), I am working on my handstands that fall into a front handspring (Vodka's yelling "Put zho zhoulders back - ztraighten your legs") and trying to juggle everything to make it work. This is harder than it looks!
  • Bottom line - Still cannot do a front handspring but I am getting the hang of it - sort of.

Enough workout talk, I'm ready to enjoy my weekend. Plans - none yet. This is common. My friend Hemi said he wants to do something tomorrow night. Sounds fun and will probably do whatever something is. I will study. I will conquer this weekend. I will leave with some pictures of my bundle of JOY.

Meet Milo - Lost and Found (twice)
Much bigger in person
One last look - I can hear the "awww" now


At School..

..Right now. Down to business - Finished a paper within 20 minutes and got some paperwork to add a class that I am trying to enroll in. Enough politics - This week has been pretty great so far (as usual).

Monday 02/16 - Work. Visited my parents. Haven't seen them in about a month. It's always good to see them. Love them. Went home. Ate. About all.

Tuesday 02/17 - Work - had a potluck and was great. Asian food and am stuffed after eating around 15 egg rolls - ha. At school (currently). Logging off here, heading to Starbucks and then class.


Meet Dom (yipee..)

Hi my name is Dominic. Come and soar with me into past, present, and future adventures of my life - LOL I can't contain myself! How lame did that sound, really!? I have to somehow relate this photo of myself into this blog. Well, let me get back on track.

Again, my name is Dominic - I usually go by Dom (occasionally dumb, dummy, Daddy, you get it). Like this picture, I like excitement, adventure, and now that I look closer at this picture, I like when people in the background of my pictures are staring into my foreground ass (scratch and sniff). Ha. I also get off on tangents often. If you haven't been able to tell, you will.

I am an Advertising Major and Business Entrepreneur Minor. I study at CSU Fullerton. This is my first semester there as a transfer student from (dare I say) LB Community College - I LOVE my new school! I am 110% focused on school since I know what I want to do in my life. I will explain more of this in future blogs - I don't wanna spoil the Tale of Dom. Yeah - made that one up but sounds like an epic.... right? Back to school - I am very focused with school and am eager to get far in the Ad industry. This industry is my passion. Enough said for now.

I will make an effort to write at least once a week for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the show (blog.... whatever!).