Healthy Intern

Today I feel much better :]

No SWINE for me.......... ha. PS - I emailed my cover letter/resume to CREW CREATIVE today for an intern position in Strategic Development. CC is in Venice - far but lovely. Wish me luck!


Are We There Yet?

This week is dragging along - and not in a GREAT way. I wish it was Friday [I wish it was Friday everyday ha] and I wish I could get a full night's rest. I'm sleepy and I'm getting cranky. lol - I hate it when people COMPLAIN on their blogs and I become a part of the trend..... oh well. Maybe I'm getting ill. Hope it's nothing too serious and it will go away after sleeping tonight.

Speaking of becoming ill, I am beginning to wonder about the Swine FLU (cute name). Looks like WHO[World Health Org] just escalated the flu to a PHASE-5 which is one step closer to a worldwide PANDEMIC. The word pandemic FREAKS me out.. I hope that with all of our advancements and technology, we can prevent this from getting worse and be able to contain the virus. Interesting story from CNN about the "Oink Oink Disease" [I know this is nothing to joke about, but I'm trying to look at some positive ha]

Not all complaints/scares however. I have had a pretty good week in the sense that I have netwercked with HR recruiters at a couple of agencies and getting my name/resume/______ out there and have received some replies back - I can taste an internship!



Jungle Fever [Dom's 23rd]


ABSOLUTELY Advertising

So many great things happened today. I went the MAT Program held at Saatchi & Saatchi Ad Agency. This event was SPECTACULAR. It was worth every second going and has benefited me immensely. Let me provide a recap of today's glory:

  • 8:10am PT - Arrived and S&S. Grabbed my water and met a few girls from CSUF, CSUDH, CSUSD and USC (very nice)
  • 8:30am PT - Strategy Director at S&S gave a motivational speech and showed the overall impression companies are looking for
  • 9:00am PT - Two people from TBWA\Chiat\Day came and talked about a new Gatorade campaign that has been recently released (G-Bolt rebrand)
  • 10:00am-12:40pm PT - Three workshops (resume building, interview tips, and network/portfolio reviews [no portfolio.. yet]. These were extremely helpful and engaged everyone to think on their toes
  • 12:45pm PT - NETWORKED for about 30 mins with students, HR recruiters at ad agencies, Art Directors/Copywriters/Directors at ad agencies, and the list goes on
All in all I had a memorable and overall wonderful day. PLUS - the weather was more than perfect. It was in range of 70-75 degrees all day. What else could I ask for? Oh, one thing - AN INTERNSHIP!

I have also learned about another ad agency which I have already began to look into and I LOVE - CREW CREATIVE. Their agency follows the creative development of the movie industry [posters, commercials, trailers, etc, etc....] 

my newest addiction

I am 168% sure that I have made the right choice in my career/industry choice and am focused to learn more on the cre-a-tive side of Advertising. Night.


Moving Forward

I am pumped for the MAT Program this Saturday. This is held and sponsored by Saatchi & Saatchi Ad Agency. Basically, it is a workshop that helps build resumes, cover letters, and begin to create a portfolio. The funny thing is that the agency has stated to bring a sample/smaller version of your portfolio - OOPS! I don't have one yet haha. Hopefully, I'm not belittled because of that. I hope to gain alot of knowledge in the real ad world [[industry]]. Most of all, I will N E T T W E R C K (like the spelling?? ha) with many people in the business and put my face out there.

WISH ME LUCK - wish me fame and fortune.

Only 4 weeks left of school. This semester definitely Z O O M E D by. I met great people and professors. So far, I love my campus. Go CSUF. :]



Euphoric Feeling

Let's cut to the chase - BRITNEY was a m a z i n g last night. The Circus Tour 2009 was a complete success/orgasm/euphoria/everything positive. This is definitely the best concert I have seen to date from anyone. It was worth every cent that I spent on it, and would not have changed a single thing of it. I can call it.. PERFECTION on stage!!

Plus, Franky and I met BRETT - [her] assistant. This counts as meeting someone that directly knows [her] Britney (ha). PCD performed as well and they were very entertaining as well (surprisingly). Her star quality has never gone away and she will always be a L E G E N D in my books.

Britney if you are reading this- kidding I'm not that lame (or am I?).

Dom, Brett and Franky
(Brett = BRITNEY's assistant - close enough right?)

Get Naked

(Take it off, take it off....)


Goal/Dream Body

This is my goal body - I want this by summer 09.
All things are possible

Weights and Waiting

Just got back from a great workout at the gym - working out so late feels great. Went with Franky. Worked on arms, legs and abs. Feeling sore. Feels so GOOD.

BRITNEY concert tonight! So excited and have been waiting for this to happen for over 4 months. All eyes on me I'm the center of the ring........ night!


Life is Wonderful

It's been quite a while, but I'm back! MISS ME?? So much has been happening over the past few weeks and I am quite behind. The most important thing that's happened I must say is that I am really putting full effort with my Ad career.
  1. I sent out my first Intern Resume to an Ad company in Irvine. They are Earthbound Media Group and are primarily online advertising. This sounds like a really exciting opportunity and start getting my feet wet (GET ME DRENCHED!) and I am crossing my fingers and toes that I get in (eek!).
  2. I just sent out a spot for the Advertising Career Development Day at Saatchi&Saatchi LA. This is a workshop that will help build my resume and also help meet those in the AD industry. This is another wonderful opportunity to n e t w o r k and put my name out there and meet new people.... It's time to start building a portfolio!
Other than that - school is over half way done. I am contemplating about taking a summer class since I will be working and [hopefully] be working PT at an internship. We will see. Happy Tuesday/Happy Life!

Meet the new Nina 
(My BEAUTIFUL daughter)