A Sigh of Relief

..So I can feel the stress and burden lift off of my shoulders. MIDTERMS are done! And I feel that I did really well (hooray for me)! Took 2 midterms on the same day so I was stressing (AHHHH!). Well - the stress is over (for now) and it's time for Spring Break. Time to relax - yeah right! It's time now to shift my gears for the week and focus on INTERNSHIPS. This is what I've been waiting for. Cannot wait to get my resume out in the REAL WORLD and begin learning more about my dream industry. My dream career is getting closer and closer.......... until then.


Misery Comes in Pairs

Studying for midterms are a drag. Especially when you have two back to back. This is stress times 100000. Whatever, the bright side of things is that I will be done within 24 hours! WOO HOO!!

Now back to studying....... wish me luck!


Dream Becoming Reality

I had the grandest day ever today in my Ad class. To catch everyone up to speed, I know that I want to pursue a career in the Ad industry (it's a passion of mine); however, I wasn't too sure of which angle of this industry I wanted to get into - Account Managing or Creative. The two are completely different in this field. One are called "suits" and the other are "creatives." After going through our lecture today (Creative Advertising - what it is, how it works, etc.) I have finally decided the path that I want to take in this industry out of the two..... Ready? Hanging on the edge of your seat!? Could it be any more obvious? (ha).........

CREATIVE! I knew that is really what I've wanted to get into, but wasn't too sure of it. I am now very confident this is the right industry (110%), and more importantly, the side of the business for me. I am jumping with JOY right now (wee)! I know I have the edge, passion, and right approach to the creative side of advertising.

I have also had a very productive week - been focusing on studying (midterms - boo) and work has been going well. Okay, I really cannot get off of this "accomplishment" of knowing exactly what it is I want to do. I feel like I've been promoted in the career path world (I know that sounds lame). Thanks for everyone who has been motivating and encouraging me, hearing me out, and all in between. I can taste this. The dream is becoming closer to reality. I AM A CREATIVE! Good day.


Fun Times

Stop Staring
Misery. Texting.

Smiles and Tongues


A Gentle Man

Can you see me?

Happy Friday - this week has flown by (zoooooom). I had a great week; worked out intensely with Franky (thank you for pushing me) at the gym. We have a fitness magazine subscription and use it for our workouts. What was the highlight of my week was one of our workouts that we participated at the gym. The class was full of women (also one guy) and us. This older gentle man that was instructing the class was hilarious - Michael Jackson meets Richard Simmons (scary x100).

It was a pretty good workout - legs mostly. Had more fun with the entertaining voice of this man - very memorable.


Life's a Journey

I was once told that LIFE'S A JOURNEY. Well, that is absolutely true. Life is a challenge, a reoccurring obstacle that may become more challenging with each new level gained. I am wandering in this journey right now. I don't know where I am going to end up yet, if anywhere at all; however, I am an optimist and will keep searching for whatever it is in my journey. I know that one day (hopefully sooner than later) I will have completed my journey. Oh there's more, of course me being complicated, I wouldn't want that journey to end, so more than likely I would find a way to continue that journey or begin a brand new one. I feel like I should save this for my book (ha - that's if I wanted one - would you read my book?).

Work is work. Day after day the work load is consistently busy. I can't complain because it pays the bills and I am in a secure spot. Thank the Payroll Gods.

Introducing ADP
ADP is a Payroll/HR company that provides solutions to clients in these specific areas of need. I work as a Solution Center Consultant and am responsible for some of the biggest names in business. I build rapport and assist my client base with questions regarding Payroll and HR items. I've been with my company for over 4 years now, and started at a pretty young age. I am fortunate to have found a company this secure and this credible to work for and gain experience and knowledge that will be the foundation of my career in Advertising. One may ask, How does Payroll relate at all to Advertising? There are two, possibly three answers to this.
  1. These two have no relation at all in terms of the industry/work
  2. They relate tremendously in terms of the relationship building aspect
  3. ADP contains the letters AD in their name - just like advertising does! (lol)

I work closely with clients and work to build relationships internally and externally. Because I want to get into the Ad Industry, this is a great asset and quality to have since eventually this will be my everyday strategy in my career.. thank you ADP (ha).

I plan to go to San Diego this Saturday with my friend (perhaps more..) Franky and some of his friends that he dances with. It sounds like alot of fun and am anxious to get away for the day. Need to get out the routine (I call it bad habit) and do something new and refreshing.

Hooray for something new - a new journey (have to tie it all together)


What a Week

I have been through alot this week. I don't know where to begin or if I want to begin at all. I'll keep things brief - I am going to be making changes, period. In fact, there will be many coming my way (I'll keep it with coming soon). That's all I want to talk about change for now....

Other the flip side, school went very well this week. I received a quiz back and aced it in my Advertising class! I had a debate in my Ethics and Technology class and did very well (at least I think so). I was pumped this week and am loving my school more and more.

This week has flown by and I cannot wait to relax this weekend. I think I've made plans to hang out with people and I want to keep myself as busy as possible. I'm starting to slack off when it comes to blogging here - I need to increase my efforts to keep my viewers entertained (ha)!
I leave you with random pictures that I find to make me smile. Hope that makes two of us.

My Beloved Nina(h)
(I hate the H in her name)
Guaranteed Great Time - Mabelle and Jason
The Crew
(Top: Mandy Steven Jared Christi Mark
Bottom: Dom Jason)
Ultimate ASS
(...and that would of course be mine ) :P
Award for Best Roomates (duh)