it's here.... plus i need your help

happy weekend! i finally have and LOVVVVE my new macbook! :]

the blog adventure is soon to begin. once i have Adobe CS i'll really begin to express my advertising visions.... in the meantime, i need suggestions for my first brand/product to start things off. anyone have ideas??

I wiLL create one in the meantime - throw it at me! :D

have a wonderful day - enjoy the weather! :)

hello - i'm a macbook
where would you like to go?


  1. a GOT MILK ad would be fun! or an iPod/iPhone ad.

  2. great work my little dommie!!! if you ever need advice for workin on any adobe program...in particularly illustrator...dont hesitate to ask. illustrator is what im always working in for box designs, sell sheets, game boards, etc. anyways im lovin the blog!! keep us excited!

  3. thanks tony and jamie.... i will prob need ALOT of help with Illustrator. more to follow.... :D