CAMPAIGN: Sensodyne Toothpaste [Roughs]

Hey Everyone.... my first FOCUSED blog and first set of roughs [advertising layouts in a rough draft format] for a campaign I'm working on. It is for SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE.

After research and questioning friends/strangers/etc.... I have found that many people have two comments regarding this paste:

1. The perception is people feel this toothpaste is for OLD people [wrong]
2. This paste is not TOP-OF-MIND [Crest and Colgate are - whatever!]

Here are the facts about this brand....
Sensodyne Toothpaste is designed for people with sensitive teeth. The toothpaste, when used, hardens enamel and protects from the wear and tear of acidic foods/drinks [soda-pop, etc....]

STRATEGY: Stress the Unique Selling Proposition [USP] of the sensitivity and the power of the toothpaste's protection for teeth [sensitive and not-so-much]. Enjoy.... I heart feedback-- please provide.... CIAO!


  1. the 2nd and 3rd are my favorite! love your sketches Dom! Good job!

  2. great work my conchie! you are so creative and you have gotten really good at drawing! im impressed! keep up the great work! you will go far!

  3. Thanks CONCH! muah..... check out my completed campaigns ;)