Life's a Journey

I was once told that LIFE'S A JOURNEY. Well, that is absolutely true. Life is a challenge, a reoccurring obstacle that may become more challenging with each new level gained. I am wandering in this journey right now. I don't know where I am going to end up yet, if anywhere at all; however, I am an optimist and will keep searching for whatever it is in my journey. I know that one day (hopefully sooner than later) I will have completed my journey. Oh there's more, of course me being complicated, I wouldn't want that journey to end, so more than likely I would find a way to continue that journey or begin a brand new one. I feel like I should save this for my book (ha - that's if I wanted one - would you read my book?).

Work is work. Day after day the work load is consistently busy. I can't complain because it pays the bills and I am in a secure spot. Thank the Payroll Gods.

Introducing ADP
ADP is a Payroll/HR company that provides solutions to clients in these specific areas of need. I work as a Solution Center Consultant and am responsible for some of the biggest names in business. I build rapport and assist my client base with questions regarding Payroll and HR items. I've been with my company for over 4 years now, and started at a pretty young age. I am fortunate to have found a company this secure and this credible to work for and gain experience and knowledge that will be the foundation of my career in Advertising. One may ask, How does Payroll relate at all to Advertising? There are two, possibly three answers to this.
  1. These two have no relation at all in terms of the industry/work
  2. They relate tremendously in terms of the relationship building aspect
  3. ADP contains the letters AD in their name - just like advertising does! (lol)

I work closely with clients and work to build relationships internally and externally. Because I want to get into the Ad Industry, this is a great asset and quality to have since eventually this will be my everyday strategy in my career.. thank you ADP (ha).

I plan to go to San Diego this Saturday with my friend (perhaps more..) Franky and some of his friends that he dances with. It sounds like alot of fun and am anxious to get away for the day. Need to get out the routine (I call it bad habit) and do something new and refreshing.

Hooray for something new - a new journey (have to tie it all together)

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