What a Week

I have been through alot this week. I don't know where to begin or if I want to begin at all. I'll keep things brief - I am going to be making changes, period. In fact, there will be many coming my way (I'll keep it with coming soon). That's all I want to talk about change for now....

Other the flip side, school went very well this week. I received a quiz back and aced it in my Advertising class! I had a debate in my Ethics and Technology class and did very well (at least I think so). I was pumped this week and am loving my school more and more.

This week has flown by and I cannot wait to relax this weekend. I think I've made plans to hang out with people and I want to keep myself as busy as possible. I'm starting to slack off when it comes to blogging here - I need to increase my efforts to keep my viewers entertained (ha)!
I leave you with random pictures that I find to make me smile. Hope that makes two of us.

My Beloved Nina(h)
(I hate the H in her name)
Guaranteed Great Time - Mabelle and Jason
The Crew
(Top: Mandy Steven Jared Christi Mark
Bottom: Dom Jason)
Ultimate ASS
(...and that would of course be mine ) :P
Award for Best Roomates (duh)

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