Dream Becoming Reality

I had the grandest day ever today in my Ad class. To catch everyone up to speed, I know that I want to pursue a career in the Ad industry (it's a passion of mine); however, I wasn't too sure of which angle of this industry I wanted to get into - Account Managing or Creative. The two are completely different in this field. One are called "suits" and the other are "creatives." After going through our lecture today (Creative Advertising - what it is, how it works, etc.) I have finally decided the path that I want to take in this industry out of the two..... Ready? Hanging on the edge of your seat!? Could it be any more obvious? (ha).........

CREATIVE! I knew that is really what I've wanted to get into, but wasn't too sure of it. I am now very confident this is the right industry (110%), and more importantly, the side of the business for me. I am jumping with JOY right now (wee)! I know I have the edge, passion, and right approach to the creative side of advertising.

I have also had a very productive week - been focusing on studying (midterms - boo) and work has been going well. Okay, I really cannot get off of this "accomplishment" of knowing exactly what it is I want to do. I feel like I've been promoted in the career path world (I know that sounds lame). Thanks for everyone who has been motivating and encouraging me, hearing me out, and all in between. I can taste this. The dream is becoming closer to reality. I AM A CREATIVE! Good day.

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