Happy Day

HI! Today has been a very good day.

Nothing special happened; however, I had a really nice day and I haven't had one of these in a while. Work went smooth, went to school to add a class and that went smooth, and now I'm home and someone very sweet bought me a gift - a new bag for school! Thank you Franky (there I put your name in my blog - ha).

This week I have school - it's changed. Weds and Thurs class now. Thurs class is at the Irvine Campus - kind of a bummer but not too bad. I have an excuse to go to the Spectrum now and do a little shopping now (oops). Even with our tough economy I'm still trying to forget the troubles by spending away my problems.... .... .. ..

I never thought that Mondays could turn out to be
O K A Y. Because of this good day, I share old pics of another good day in TJ/Rosarito (Mexico).

Meet Ninah - Pro Shot
Ain't no building high enough..Ain't no cerveza low enough
I love TACOS
Rebel in Disguise

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