Pop Idol

HAPPY WEEKEND! It's been a busy week. Nothing too exciting or new to tell you. Quick recap of the week:

Mon-Fri: I worked (nothing new)
Thurs: started my new class
Sat (today): took a kickboxing class with friends (kicked my ass - and kick, and punch, now rest....) and finished a group paper due next week
My life sounds really fun, huh? - HA

Getting more and more anxious and more excited each and every day! You ask "why?" - well I have my tickets for something amazing and so should YOU! I cannot wait for this artist to kick major ass with their complete success on this tour. I've heard different song lineups and seeing some of their dance rehearsal photos - I don't care I don't care I don't care... all I care about is seeing them do what they do best on stage - perform their soul out! This is her year.

Yes that's right - Miss Pop Princess (may as well be called reigning Pop Queen) Britney! I'm lucky to have scored great floor tickets. I will have a camera (if I need to hide it I will - ha) - I will spend lots of money on her merch - I will mark this off my "things to do before I die list" (if I had one made).

Tour kickoff: 03/03/09
Countdown to my show: 50 days!

2007 VMAs: I love her anyway
Center of attention...

2008 GMA performance
Coming back lookin' delicious...

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