This has been one long and short week. Does that make sense? Probably not, but it works. Been pretty busy with work and school. Went to gymnastics on Thursday (second week in a row - woo) and I'm loving it. Great workout and helps with my body conditioning and increase in strength. I'm currently learning how to do a front hand spring and MAN is it difficult to get.
The instructer (very cool man - Russian dude I'll call him VODKA since I'm not sure what his real name is). Anyhow, Vodka was really pushing all of us this week. Let me recap the events of last night at the gym with Vodka:
  • Started with a warm up/stretch workout (normal and going well) - BAM! My right cheek (and not the one on my face) cramps up within the first 10 mins of stretching and is solid like a rock.
  • We start to do tumbles and cartwheels and handstands (oh my) and that is only making things worse.
  • Aside from the pain in my ass (literally), I am working on my handstands that fall into a front handspring (Vodka's yelling "Put zho zhoulders back - ztraighten your legs") and trying to juggle everything to make it work. This is harder than it looks!
  • Bottom line - Still cannot do a front handspring but I am getting the hang of it - sort of.

Enough workout talk, I'm ready to enjoy my weekend. Plans - none yet. This is common. My friend Hemi said he wants to do something tomorrow night. Sounds fun and will probably do whatever something is. I will study. I will conquer this weekend. I will leave with some pictures of my bundle of JOY.

Meet Milo - Lost and Found (twice)
Much bigger in person
One last look - I can hear the "awww" now

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