Meet Dom (yipee..)

Hi my name is Dominic. Come and soar with me into past, present, and future adventures of my life - LOL I can't contain myself! How lame did that sound, really!? I have to somehow relate this photo of myself into this blog. Well, let me get back on track.

Again, my name is Dominic - I usually go by Dom (occasionally dumb, dummy, Daddy, you get it). Like this picture, I like excitement, adventure, and now that I look closer at this picture, I like when people in the background of my pictures are staring into my foreground ass (scratch and sniff). Ha. I also get off on tangents often. If you haven't been able to tell, you will.

I am an Advertising Major and Business Entrepreneur Minor. I study at CSU Fullerton. This is my first semester there as a transfer student from (dare I say) LB Community College - I LOVE my new school! I am 110% focused on school since I know what I want to do in my life. I will explain more of this in future blogs - I don't wanna spoil the Tale of Dom. Yeah - made that one up but sounds like an epic.... right? Back to school - I am very focused with school and am eager to get far in the Ad industry. This industry is my passion. Enough said for now.

I will make an effort to write at least once a week for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the show (blog.... whatever!).

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