Euphoric Feeling

Let's cut to the chase - BRITNEY was a m a z i n g last night. The Circus Tour 2009 was a complete success/orgasm/euphoria/everything positive. This is definitely the best concert I have seen to date from anyone. It was worth every cent that I spent on it, and would not have changed a single thing of it. I can call it.. PERFECTION on stage!!

Plus, Franky and I met BRETT - [her] assistant. This counts as meeting someone that directly knows [her] Britney (ha). PCD performed as well and they were very entertaining as well (surprisingly). Her star quality has never gone away and she will always be a L E G E N D in my books.

Britney if you are reading this- kidding I'm not that lame (or am I?).

Dom, Brett and Franky
(Brett = BRITNEY's assistant - close enough right?)

Get Naked

(Take it off, take it off....)

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