Are We There Yet?

This week is dragging along - and not in a GREAT way. I wish it was Friday [I wish it was Friday everyday ha] and I wish I could get a full night's rest. I'm sleepy and I'm getting cranky. lol - I hate it when people COMPLAIN on their blogs and I become a part of the trend..... oh well. Maybe I'm getting ill. Hope it's nothing too serious and it will go away after sleeping tonight.

Speaking of becoming ill, I am beginning to wonder about the Swine FLU (cute name). Looks like WHO[World Health Org] just escalated the flu to a PHASE-5 which is one step closer to a worldwide PANDEMIC. The word pandemic FREAKS me out.. I hope that with all of our advancements and technology, we can prevent this from getting worse and be able to contain the virus. Interesting story from CNN about the "Oink Oink Disease" [I know this is nothing to joke about, but I'm trying to look at some positive ha]

Not all complaints/scares however. I have had a pretty good week in the sense that I have netwercked with HR recruiters at a couple of agencies and getting my name/resume/______ out there and have received some replies back - I can taste an internship!

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